Our Story

About Cornucopia

A thought which shall one day become a reality comes as a breath of fresh air.

Such was the thought of Cornucopia. It took us 5 years to actually shape and put in the details to this thought.

Our opportunity came along a year ago, with the opening up of the shop, right next-door to our beloved Cafe Madras (started by our grand-father and now passed on to our father and us). The pressure to do something wonderful, incomparable to our Grandad's legacy, yet having the same intention and ethics, only made us do better and carefully create what is now CORNUCOPIA.

For us, our story has only just begun, we endeavour to evolve, grow, learn and now to reach out for greater possibilities.


We are committed to prioritising locally sourced products over those that have travelled greater distances. We endeavour to create a platform for passionately homegrown products , the quality being superior and fresh. Not only does it offer the reassurance of having been grown, harvested and traded all in one area, thereby benefiting the environment; it also supports the local economy and community, ensuring the food is both seasonal and healthy.